How is it work?

This is a common knowledge that very often online casinos offer players a special function that implies the participation of a live dealer in the casino game.

In case the player wants to play the game with a live dealer he will see the live tables tab in the menu. Clicking on the tab he will see the list of gaming tables available to be played with live dealers. After this a player chooses a particular table and joins other real online players at the table. The names of other gamblers will appear on user's screen. Apart from this he'll have a wide box where the live dealer can be seen and a talk box through which he can talk with other players and the dealer.

Sometimes if all online casino tables featuring live dealers are busy players have to wait until the appearing of free places. The thing is that online gaming sites commonly have a certain number of hired dealers so it's impossible to invite an extra dealer for a player when all of them are busy.

Live dealer's job

If you almost decide on a casino game featured a live dealer brush your doubts away - all of them are real professionals that manage the game in the same manner the land-based casino dealers do. All live casino dealers take the same courses as the employees of gambling establishments and represent the same pleasant and easy manner to manage the games. Live dealers are selected carefully and for the long time with an aim to make their faces recognizable for casino visitors.

Most popular live dealer games

Casino card games are considered to be the most popular games demanding a presence of a live dealer. The thing is that it is a real pleasure for every player to see how the cards are dealt at blackjack, for instance. The special zooming camera allows players to see the cards and the dealing process closer. Another situation we have speaking about live dealers at roulette. At this game this feature brings an advantage as the player can place his bets much faster that at regular online roulette game.