What is a credit card?

Credit card is a plastic credit assigned by banks or financial unions that help customers to buy all variety of services and wares using it as a mean of payment. As a rule credit card allows ongoing balance of debt to their users.

What are the Benefits of Using Credit Card in Online Gambling?

The answer to this question is as clear as noonday .Of course, firstly, it is convenience that affords inexhaustible source of opportunities. Unlike debit cards & cheques using a charge card you may get reasonable short-term lends that will help you not to estimate nervously your remaining balance before every single dealing but to take a deep breath and use your credit card.

Another advantage of the credit card is its safety as far as it prevents fraud attempts as all the information is professionally protected. For example, when debiting your account in the virtual betting house or online poker room with the help of the credit card, all the details of financial information remains invisible to the online casino. Thus introducing your payments in a stealth mode you are free to enjoy gambling without any additional pressure.

What is more: credit card providers suggest benefit rewards and prizes! For example, they can cover loss or damage on some new services for free and another attractive measures and bonuses. Credit card facilitates the payment process making it much more easier and leaves bags of time to enjoy gaming into certain online casino game without the necessity to go outside and reach the bank in order to make a wire transfer.


Grace period is settled by every financial union or bank and may vary from 20 to 50 days depending on the class of the credit card. Some procedures allow acknowledgment in case some definite demands are met. In case customer is late debiting the balance the issuing establishment may charge him or her extra cash percentage.

What it Takes to Withdraw From Credit Account?

It is common knowledge that gamblers and other credit card users are charged several fees. Such commission or remuneration as a rule amounts to 1-3 % financial worth of the transaction made and paid by using a credit card. Customers may also pay a changeable charge for every proceeding (it is also known as interchange rate).