False rumours and myths about online casinos

Online casinos are big business these days. With more and more people signing up to casino sites every day to have fun, there is a suspicion that these people are being scammed by casinos that don’t offer their customers any security when gambling online.

However, if that were true, online casinos wouldn’t be able to stay in business. Instead, the industry is positively booming, with many players landing great wins around the world every day. You can play now at http://ca.32Red.com/ where there are over 500 different games available. Whether you choose to play for free in practice mode, or for real money, you’re always guaranteed of one thing – plenty of pure entertainment.

But if you’re worried about any rumours you might have heard about online casinos, let us debunk a few of the most popular myths that are doing the rounds.

Online casinos are more addictive than land-based ones

Ask anyone if casino games are addictive, and they will probably say they are. And it’s true that you do have to be self-disciplined when playing casino games, knowing when it’s time to quit and when you should stop playing for real money. However, there’s no reason that playing online should be any more addictive than playing in a land-based casino. You could argue that there are more restrictions on gamblers online than in a land-based casino as the online casinos do place a limit on the number and value of transactions that can take place.

Online casinos aren’t secure

There are various rumours about casinos refusing to honour payouts and that the payment and withdrawal of funds is not secure. But a legitimate online casino would not remain in operation if it could not guarantee to meet industry safety standards and abide by the industry rules.

Scams are rife in online casinos

There are always rumours that online casinos use different scams to swindle money out of their customers. One such example is that they offer lower winning odds. However, if this were the case, there would be millions of disappointed players out there who would vote with their feet and stop playing at online casinos.

Payouts are smaller online

The reason that some people think online payouts are smaller is probably because they can’t believe the size of some of the jackpots, considering that you only need a really small stake to play the game. But every online casino game will clearly state the payouts – either in a payout table or in the rules section that the game comes with. Players can find out exactly what odds are on offer before they play.

If you’re interested in playing casino games online, there’s no need to worry about these kinds of myths that have built up around the online gambling industry. It’s a closely regulated industry and the casinos want to do all they can to encourage more people not to play, and one way they can do that is to play fair.