Roulette Related Casino Games

Choosing online casino game you will see that their number here is higher than number of games at traditional casinos. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. The term roulette means a little wheel in French. There are a lot of games which use wheel and all of them are related to group of roulette games. Being a game of chance, roulette is majorly based on the player’s making guess on the most likely winning combination. Most new entrants into the arena of roulette tend to think that roulette is only available in one type because all these games tend to look more of less the same. However, the truth is that there are different roulette variations. You can opt to play the racetrack roulette, mini roulette, European roulette, French roulette and the American roulette. Click here to learn more about various games and bonus offers available.

Mini Roulette Advantages and Disadvantages

The mini roulette is one of the most played roulette games and as its name suggests, it is comparably small in relation to other roulette games. This roulette casino game has a total of 12 numbers and as such, a player has few bet choices to select from. Another disadvantage of mini roulette is that players have limited options which they can select from considering that there are only 12 slots. However, in spite of this small disadvantage, the mini roulette has a huge payoff which makes it an attractive game by the end of the day.

Racetrack Roulette

The other roulette game is the racetrack roulette. It derives its name from the unique design and shape of the roulette table which resembles the racing circuit.

Casino experts refer racetrack to game played by professional only. This roulette table spins the ball faster compared to other roulette games and it is easy to achieve certain combinations of bets as well.

European and American Roulettes

The European roulette is another very popular roulette game because it is very easy to play. It also has a fairy simple layout and most experts say that it is self explanatory. The single green 0 on this game makes it very unique from other roulette related games. The American roulette is much more similar to the European roulette than other roulette games. While European roulette features just one green 0, American roulette comes with an extra 00 located at the table’s top. Winning chances of European roulette are twice higher than chances of American.

French Roulette

The last roulette game variation is the French roulette. Actually this roulette is just a redesigned version of European roulette but has some extra-rules which make it better to play. Most roulette players opt to play the French roulette as it has two rules which help you to save half of your bet. As for a roulette player, it is really important to know exactly which roulette game suits you best. Try all of the games and make your decision, and before do not forget to learn rules essential for gambling.