When you consider that the most popular form of gambling the world over is the lottery, then you might be able to understand why Keno is also such a big deal and one of the most common casino games online with operators including Unibet. The two forms of games are almost identical with lotteries tending to be managed outside of the casino industry and Keno squarely inside.

Keno is a game of luck and fortune and can be played both live and online. If you choose to play Keno in online casinos, be sure to play the game for free before you start investing real money. This way you can get a feel of the game before playing for cold hard cash.

When playing Keno the player has the option to pick a series of numbers from a range of 1 – 80; which is the same number of balls used in American forms of Bingo. Each game has different rules that allow you to pick different sets of numbers for different ranges of cost. The machine will then draw 20 balls at random and if any of them correspond to your picks (known as a catch) then you win a prize according to the prize pool.

Keno might be a very popular game, but it isn’t a game that has great odds. Yet when you consider that to win the UK National Lottery your odds are 14 million to one, and it still draws in millions of bets per week, you can see that nobody cares.

In live Keno the house edge can be as wide as 35%, and although the edge is slightly lower for online games there are still much better options out there. Sometimes, it’s not about the house edge, and instead it’s what we know best that floats our boat. Perhaps, this is why Keno is such a popular game.